Annie Lennox Speaks to Geoff Edgers about Music

The current pandemic has forced a many people to change how they operate. It has pushed Geoff Edgers, a national arts reporter, to creatively launch an Instagram live show that runs every Tuesday and Thursday. He has featured several big players in different sectors from, sports to music. Below is a session he had with the popular musician Annie Lennox. Read on to discover why she hardly listens to music.

Annie Does Not Listen To Music

Geoff Edgers starts off by remarking bout how soothing music is at this time, especially songs that one can identify with. He went head to quote a song Desperados Under the Eaves by Warren Zevon. Geoff feels that this song is a perfect description of the on-going pandemic and how sad it makes people feel. After describing how sad he feels about this song, he asked Annie if she has any particular songs she listens to.

Annie’s response was unexpected, and she seems to be aware of it. She said that this is one question she gets asked about a lot, and her answer is always the same. She hardly listens to music because she has so much of it in her head.

As a performer, she moves around with a juke box in her head. While she agrees that music is powerful, she can’t seem to justify why she does not listen to any. Annie explains how she stopped listening to music at some point. She used to listen to the Tibetan bell.

What about Aretha’s Work?

Geoff mentions about their last conversation where Annie had expressed her love for Aretha’s songs. He asked if Annie would be tempted to listen to Aretha during nostalgic moments. To this, Annie replied that she would definitely appreciate and acknowledge the song when someone else plays it.

Annie says that it is a difficult thing to explain. It is not as if she does not appreciate other people’s works, but the fact that she is a performer makes it difficult for her to sit down and listen to music when her head is already filled with a lot of it.

Listening to Music When Young

When asked if she listened to music when she was young, Annie’s response was affirmative. However, she quickly pointed out that things were different back then. She describes her background as minimalistic. While they did not lack the basics and could afford a few luxuries here and there, her father had to work to ensure everything worked out. The family had a small TV, and she owned a small transistor radio. The much she listened to was Radio One, which would play the Top 20. That was pretty much what she listened to in terms of music. What she watched on TV could not be counted.

About Sweet Dreams

Geoff mentions that he was only 13 years old when Annie’s son, Sweet dreams, came out. He remarks about how this song marked the revolutionary journey that Annie embarked on moving forward. In response, Lennox recounts how she and Dave Stewart wrote the song in 1982.

The song has continued to exist over the years due to the numerous mixes, and versions have been done over the years. This song set Annie and her group apart as they did not really fit into the shoes of the rock, and heavy metal bands of the times.

They seemed to be on a pop front but with their own unique. The song, Sweet dreams describes what the world is currently experiencing. Even when things die down, all will go back to normal until another pandemic comes along.

Annie says how she is sure of another pandemic. It may be insensitive to say it now, but she believes that it will be far worse than the current one, it would be a mix of emotions, to say the least.

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