Anna and Mizuki Nakajima, the Gaming Twins

Anna and Mizuki Nakajima founded Coly Inc. after identifying a fault with many of Japan’s gaming apps. They said the mobile games appeased the male gender, while those meant for women had no appealing storyline. Since 2014, the sisters have created four games with life-like characters and deep plots. Mizuki told TIMES that they were creating two-dimensional humans rather than characters that look and act like humans.

One of their most played games is Stand My Heroes, where the player works with handsome police officers and drug-enforcement agents. Some cast appears cold and harsh, while others are pleasant and friendly, but almost all eventually fall in love with the player. Apart from having female-oriented games, the company also incorporates women in its management. 25% of board members are females, and ladies occupy 70% of top management positions. In addition to that, 75% of the staff, which is about 240 people, comprises women. This composition sets a high standard in Japan’s corporate world, where less than 15% of women hold top-level and middle-level management posts. This composition is deficient in comparison to other large world economies. The government has also not done well in including women in the top leadership seats.

Anna serves as the CEO and President, while Mizuki is the Vice-president, and together they have had great success in the company’s running. The company is currently worth about $225 million in equity. Their hiring strategy started to get women’s opinions in designing the games, but it served as an excellent example for inclusivity in leadership with time. They believe that the corporate world could function better with more ladies in the top management positions.

The sisters have made a loyal following through their games primarily because of the gamers’ intimate connection with the characters. The bond is not just for financial gain but also helping to eradicate some social issues like loneliness and isolation in young women. These issues are almost unavoidable in developed countries, where people are busy working and having little or no time for social activities and bonding.

During the pandemic, the games have helped young women release some pressure and bond with other ladies facing similar issues of joblessness due to jobs cuts. The ladies engage in gaming to connect with others and also gain hope for better days ahead. Anna commented and said that they wanted to provide hope for women, which is currently happening.

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