Angela Merkel Visit To Washington

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has created a positive reputation for leading her country since 2005. During her tenure, she enhanced diplomacy with the United States. She has visited the last three US presidents starting with George Bush, Barack Obama, and Trump. This Thursday, Angela’s visit to the White House could mark her final visit as German head of government before retiring. Germany has prepared to hold elections in September 2021 to choose a leader who will replace her exit. President Biden will provide accolades to Merkel for outstanding leadership skills. During her tenure, Angela stirred Germany through the economic depression to become the economic powerhouse of Europe.

Merkel’s visit seeks to discuss and boost the cooperation between the nations. Kamara Harris, the US vice President, will first host Angela at the Naval Observatory. Later, Biden and Markel will have a closed-door meeting where they will deliberate on specific issues. The official will also hold a more open forum with inclusivity of people from different professionals to deliberate ways of enhancing the US-Germany business relations. The meeting between the heads of the states will conclude with a press conference where they will announce the deliberation made between the two partners. Before Angela Merkel departs from the US, she will grace the graduation ceremony of John Hopkins University. The institution will appreciate her leadership by providing her with an honorary degree.

Merkel’s visit will strengthen the cooperation, which aggravated during the era of the former president. The Trump policy on American first had significantly caused a deterioration of their relations and affected some businesses. Previously, Angela has described his willingness to enhance their working relations with Biden, who had demonstrated as approachable during their previous meeting during the Obama administration and lately at G7 Meeting in the UK. Merkel had also reiterated that although Germany was committed to maintaining its long-term business relations with the US, the country would still experience differences.

The US administration has previously demonstrated anger with Germany for Nord Stream 2 Pipeline project. The pipeline connects Germany with Russia, enabling the flow of natural gas. The US leader fears that the operationalization of the pipeline will affect the market for the companies that export gas to Germany and leverage Russia’s control of the energy sector in Europe. Angela’s visit will help assure the US that the project won’t affect US gas exports to Europe. The leaders will also discuss Russia’s persistent forces entry into Ukraine. Biden will also call on Angela to review her trade relationship with China. Lastly, Angela will seek to persuade the US to lower trade restrictions with Europe enacted during the Trump administration to boost trade.

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