Amy Ryan Explores Her Character on The Office

Amy Ryan featured on the recently hosted episode of the Office Ladies podcast that is brought on TV by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. She played both HR representative and Holly Flax, the love interest of Michael Scott. In the podcast, she talks about her role and experience working with celebrated actor Steve Carell.

How Amy Ryan Landed Her Role as Holly Flax

As revealed on the podcast, Amy Ryan was already a huge fan of The Office even before coming on board as part of the cast. Following the Oscars, she felts the need to try out a comedy given that she was involved in many dramas. Luckily, Paul Lieberstein thought of her as a great fit for the comedy series. The two had previously worked together on The Naked Truth, which established some level of connection.

At the time of their meeting, Paul Lieberstein was reaching out when Amy’s agent was trying to get her such a role. Amy Ryan also mentioned that this happened in about one week. So many other factors came together that led to Amy taking up the Holly Flax role. Her character would be featured in one episode and was loosely based on the first episode of the British series. Amy Ryan understood the general idea for her role and did not use a script when playing Holly Flax.

Working Experience with Steve Carell

Holly Flax and Michael Scott enjoyed a dance that featured on the Business Ethics episodes. Ryan admits that she was okay following the choreograph from Steve Carell. Previously, Amy Ryan and Steve Carell worked together on Dan in Real Life. Steve Carell was the star of this show, and Ryan had a minuscule role.

Dan on Real Life was a comedy based on a large family. While shooting the film in Rhode Island, the entire group forged great friendships. The Office came to life nearly six months after the Dan in Real Life shoot. Amy Ryan believes that Steve Carell had an idea about her possible role in the show.

Favorite Memory on Set

Generally, Amy Ryan said she had a good time with all the laughs from the set. In particular, she mentioned one episode where Michael, Darryl, and Holly are stick in a truck for the entire day. They were a little short on oxygen and were hysterical. The three of them could hardly make it through the scenes. Amy Ryan recalls how she spent the day laughing with the two guys.


You can catch up on The Office episodes on Peacock. The podcast airs each week and offers some behind-the-scenes action from Amy Ryan on the show. Follow the podcast on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Earwolf.

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