Amber Heard Returns for Aquaman 2

Aquaman fans have something exciting going on: the upcoming release of part 2. Warner Bros. announced that Aquaman 2 will come out in theaters sometime next year, not a moment too soon for diehard fans of the franchise. It’s been four long years for those individuals.

However, when WB announced that Amber Heard would return for the sequel, the world went mad, at least on social media. Heard has quite a following, it goes without saying. However, she has just as many haters who would be happy if she never worked again.

Amber Heard in Aquaman

Amber Heard played the role of Mera in the 2016 Aquaman movie. Since then, she began a relationship with actor Johnny Depp that lasted just over two years. The relationship was tumultuous, to say the least, with both individuals alleging domestic violence against the other. Both Depp and Heard deny they were abusive to the other.

 Depp fans were outraged to learn that Heard would return for part 2 and started a petition demanding her release from the movie. This comes just a matter of days after Warner Bros. released Johnny Depp from his role in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise after a UK court dismissed a libel lawsuit the actor filed against British tabloid, The Sun, alleging him a ‘wife-beater.’

Attorneys for Depp say that the actor will appeal the decision made by the courts. Attorneys for Heard, on the other hand, say the victory was expected. Fans who support Depp are none-to-happy about either decision made against him.

Social Media Petition Against Heard

When the news made its way to social media, the memes began almost immediately. More concerning, a petition began demanding that Warner Bros. release Heard from her role in the Aquaman 2 movie. The petition garnered over one-million signatures from devastated Depp fans who believe the actor’s account and think that he was abused at the hands of Heard.

Despite their efforts, the petition did not change the roles or any other characteristics about the movie. The movie will begin production early next year, as planned.

Heard told Entertainment Weekly that she was ‘outraged’ by the petition and that it ‘definitely failed,’ but that it was the fans who made the movies possible and she is excited to start filming in the coming months.

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