Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Donates $200 Million To Smithsonian Institution

Jeff Bezos has made quite the donation to the Smithsonian Institution. The donation is being made in association with Blue Origin, a spaceflight company. This will be the largest donation the Smithsonian Institution has received to date. The Smithsonian Institution has laid out how the donation will be split. The National Air and Space Museum will get $70 million of the donation for renovations. The Smithsonian Institution will be creating a new education center in Washington, DC and $130 million of the donation will go into its development. The education center will be named, “Bezos Learning Center” in honor of the donation.

Bezos explained why he decided to make the $200 million donation in a press release. The Amazon founder credited the Smithsonian Institution for giving hope to the next generation of dreamers and builders. He believes that there is great potential in every child and the Smithsonian Institution helps bring out that potential. He thinks the Smithsonian Institution serves as a vital piece of inspiration for those who wish to do something great in the world. He hopes that his donation will open up new possibilities for the Smithsonian Institution to give even more kids a chance to embrace their dreams.

Ellen Stofan, who works at the Smithsonian Institution as the science and research undersecretary, believes that the first person to land on Mars could very well be in elementary school right now. Stofan is thrilled with the donation that Bezos is offering. Stofan says that Bezos has long been a supporter of the Smithsonian Institution. She believes the continued effort for space exploration will be greatly boosted by the $200 million donation. The mission of the Smithsonian Institution has been to “ignite tomorrow.” In other words, give inspiration to the next generation of those involved in space exploration.

Blue Origin will be donating $1 million each to 19 nonprofits in the space field. This includes The Planetary Society and The Mars Society. Blue Origin’s Club for the Future nonprofit organization can be thanked for these donations. The continued donation efforts have been occurring as Bezos is looking to flying into space in the near future.

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