Alleged Critics Over the World’s Marathon Winner Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge is the world’s long-distance champion runner. He competes in long marathon races and recently won a gold medal on the 8th August 2021 in the Tokyo Olympics marathon by completing a marathon at 2:08:38. Most people describe him as the best marathon runner in the modern era.

Kipchoge is a Kenyan citizen who was born back in the year 1984. Back in 2014, he won his very first gold medal at the Chicago marathon. Later, he has worn a couple of gold medals from 2016 to 2019. For the record, Kipchoge has won the marathon record in London four times.

On 12th October 2019, Kipchoge participated in the INEOS challenge in Australia. He ran 4.4 laps across the Viennas Prater Park, broke the world record over the two-hour barrier in any marathon race, and covered the distance in a span of 1:59:40.

Nike Controversy

Some of the competitors argued that Eliud Kipchoges’ victory in the world marathon championship has come from his shoes during the race. Nike has sponsored Kipchoge for more than two decades now.

Researchers say that Nike shoes have Vaporfly technology. It means that any athlete wearing the Nike Vaporfly made back in 2016 can combine with the carbon compound to create confers that are 4% more vibrant. This compound in the Nike shoe allows athletes like Kipchoge to move three times their average speed.

During this re-known athlete’s interview, he was asked about the Vaporfly technology and how he used it to unfairly win most of his marathon races. Kipchoge said it is not the shoe but the runner that has always determined the performance.

He stated that if an athlete puts on those shoes and is not fit enough to run, they will not perform well. He also said that most athletes access the shoe but still have the same performance. He also advised the athletes to train more if they are not performing well.

Eliud Kipchoge is the only athlete who completed a race in less than two hours in the history of the marathon run. The INEOS event was specifically designed to help him achieve the race in 2019. He said he completed the race because of the specialized conditions. Although everyone does not agree, most people think that the Vaporfly shoes have helped him win all his races from 2016 to date.

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