Alicia Keys Focuses on Women Empowerment Through the Ambition Project

Alicia Keys is undoubtedly one of the top artists in the entire history of the music industry. She has won fifteen Grammy Awards and sold nearly 65 million records internationally. The musical icon has inspired others to follow her lead. However, after years of pursuing her ambitions, she is focused on paying it forward. Alicia Keys is now working on The Ambition Project under a partnership with American Express.

The Ambition Project is an initiative launched by American Express to assist in empowering women. Amex initiated the program following a partnership in 2018 with the New York Women’s Foundation. The two conducted an international study using 3,000 women participants, which unveiled that most preferred using more motivating words than ambitious. American Express also discovered that a third of its top female employee thought of themselves as ambitious.

Giving Women a Voice

American Express and Alicia Keys joined forces earlier during the Global Women’s Conference organized by American Express. The singer went on stage alongside Elizabeth Rutledge, the Chief Managing Officer at American Express, and Venus Williams, a tennis legend, and talked about ambition. Alicia Keys discussed her musical career and further explained her desire to fulfill a dream and a vision. In March, she released her new book, More Myself: A Journey, which explains the subject.

The Role of the Music Industry

Alicia Keys also launches a charity foundation known as She is the Music. The nonprofit organization seeks to raise the women representation in the world of music. Notably, the focus is on increasing their presence in roles such as producers and songwriters, which have recorded low female representation in the past. Alicia Keys believes that the music sector still needs to evolve. Upon realizing the significant gender disparity, she talked to other females in the music industry, her music publisher, lead engineers, and a lady at the William Morris Agency.

Together, they were determined to create opportunities for other females in the industry. They reflected on how best they could change the pattern. Even though the music sector may have fallen behind in this aspect, there has been notable progress for female artists. Leaders like Alicia Keys are taking charge and making a difference.

Gender Parity in the Music Sector

In 2018, Neil Portnow, the Recording Academy President, stated that women had to step up to bridge the gender gap and gain recognition in the industry. Alicia Keys shared similar sentiments during her speech at the International Women’s Conference sponsored by American Express. She added that to assist women in embracing their ambition, a support system needed to surround them.

In her own experience, she talked of the joy she derived from assisting others in realizing their dreams. The celebrity further stated that staying focused on one’s North Star was a source of happiness and a great way to actualize dreams.

Final Thoughts

Alicia Keys is playing an active role in women’s empowerment. Her actions are an accurate depiction of greatness and heroism. It is through such drive that more women can pursue their dreams and boldly take on the music industry.

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