After 20 Years, Jeff Wilkes Is Stepping Down From His Role at Amazon

Amazon remains one of the largest and most popular companies in the world. But things weren’t always this way. There was a time when Amazon was a small company, fortunate enough to have the right minds helping this business succeed. One of these people who helped with Amazon’s growth is Jeff Wilkes. However, Wilkes made a recent announcement that he will be leaving Amazon.

Why Jeff Wilkes is Stepping Away From Amazon

It’s important to note that Jeff Wilke’s departure isn’t one that’s happening out of spite or any kind of bad feelings. Wilke’s reasoning behind his departure was that it was just time for this to happen. He was also quoted as saying he’s “happy with and proud of” Amazon. However, Jeff Wilke feels that it’s time to step away from the business side of things and enjoy his personal interests.

After a career of almost 20 years with this company, Jeff Wilke announced he will be retiring in 2021. This is an interesting development, as it continues a trend of other high-level Amazon employees stepping down. Many are calling this a changing of the guard regarding Amazon’s future.

Humble Beginnings With a Small Online Retailer

Jeff Wilke was first hired by Amazon in 1999. During this time, Amazon was nowhere near as big as it would soon become. When Jeff began working at Amazon, the company was only operating out of five warehouses. By focusing on the importance of safety and having a process of doing things, many former Amazon executives credit Wilke’s expertise to the growth of Amazon.

Many also credited Wilke’s management style to help provide more growth for Amazon. He has spent much of this time at Amazon working to help this company deal with the threats of counterfeit products, problems with drone deliveries, and other important company matters.

Wilke Begins Working in an Executive Role

As Amazon continued growing, Jeff Bezos would officially name Jeff Wilke the Chief Executive of Consumer Business in 2016. Being that this was a new department, it signaled challenges ahead for both Amazon and Jeff Wilke. Fortunately, Wilke was not afraid of a challenge and this department would soon help Amazon enter the grocery industry. Soon, Amazon would acquire the massive grocery chain Whole Foods. By 2019, the Consumer Business department of Amazon was helping this company bring in an additional $245 billion in revenue.

Another popular idea that Jeff Wilke can take credit for is Prime Day. Each year, Amazon heavily advertises and sees even more sales come in from Prime Day. Prime Day is an event in which Amazon Prime members receive exclusive access to site-wide deals. He would continue to take more an active role to help oversee this company as Jeff Bezos began to step away from the day-to-day side of things.

Wilke was one of only two executives at Amazon that reported directly to this company’s owner, Jeff Bezos. As of right now, it appears that Dave Clark will be taking over Jeff Wilke’s role. Clark is currently Amazon’s senior vice president who is working within this company’s logistic and supply chain operations.

In conclusion, Amazon executive Jeff Wilke announced that he will soon be stepping down from his role within this company. With his skills and expertise, he began working with Amazon when this business was nowhere near as popular as it is now. A few of his notable accomplishments include helping to launch Prime Day and overseeing Amazon’s consumer business side of things. Such a major departure has a lot of Amazon employees sad to see Wilke leave. Even Jeff Bezos gave a statement about this matter, stating that Amazon would be “completely unrecognizable” without Wilke’s help.

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