A Call for Help in California as Covid-19 Numbers Hit a Staggering 2.5 Million Mark

Even as the world is continuing to grapple with effects – and control measures – of corona virus, a number of places are still feeling the pinching sting of this deadly novel virus. This is happening despite the fact that there are strong indications that medication to this virus is in the offing – with some people have enjoyed its vaccination.

There has been – in circulation – vaccines that have been made to contain the spread of the corona virus. But that has been a sweet song in the ears of this disease, since the closer medics are coming up with its containment measures, the severe it is proving to be – and even claiming more lives. The state of California is in the spot light. On Tuesday, the state reported a devastating figure in tune of 2.5 million people who have since contracted Covid-19. It is good to accept that these numbers have essentially underscored the cruelty of the virus, and its rigidity.

Surveys Made

A number of surveys had been conducted prior to the Wednesday release of the report. In less than a period of one month, the state of California had already reported an upsurge of 1 million corona virus positive cases. What may have informed this new unfortunate trend? Okay, the edict that was imposed so that people may stay at home helped so much in combatting the spread. However, it is during winter time that the state started to experience another wave of infections.

This was happening since there had been a lot of excursions in and out of the State, and up and down movements. That triggered the spread even further. However, it is important to point out that the degree of infection varied significantly in different counties within the state. For example, on Tuesday, in the county of Las Angels, a devastating number was recorded – 11,000 death cases. That is to say, when looked at from another angle, that Las Angeles has had 183 covid-19 casualties per day, for the past 2 months.

The trend pricked Los Angeles Director of Health, Barbara Ferrer, to raise an alarm. Dr. Barbara is waxed up. There are things that cannot just go down well even when one of your family is not infected. The mere fact that you are at the helm of the health department should worry any right thinking individual. Little wonder there is also a concern with accommodations at various health centers. The more many people are trooping in to be admitted into those hospitals, the more the likelihood of higher infections – and the management of such facilities are going to worry a lot due to limited beds.

The solace now lies with an individual. One has to take it as sole responsibility so avoid contracting the virus, and also making sure that social distancing is maintained so that the other person doesn’t get infected.

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