A beckon of hope for black people; Naomi Campbell’s support to Africa

Naomi Elaine Campbell is an accomplished British supermodel, entrepreneur, and actress. She was born on 22nd May 1970 in London in the United Kingdom to Valarie Morris (her mother), a modern Jamaican dancer. Naomi lived with her mother in her early years in Rome, Italy, where her mother worked and went back to London when she was three to live with her relatives as her mother was part of the Fantastica dance crew.

Campbell started a music career when she was seven by appearing in Bob Marley’s music video. She appeared in other videos as a dancer after that. She released her song in the nineties, which went well, but she didn’t halt her music. She was scouted at fifteen by Beth Boldt of Synchro Model Agency, and the next year she was featured on the cover of Elle magazine. She appeared in other magazines and walked on many runways since then. In the early 1990s, she became the first black woman to ever appear on French and British Vogue covers.

The international superstar has been a role model and a beckon of many young girls, especially blacks. She has personally mentored talented girls from Africa. When she set out on her journey, she was inexperienced and vulnerable. She got discriminated against just for being black, and the first time she went to Paris, her money and valuables were stolen. She met a few top models who held her hand and saw her through her career, and that’s what she does with young girls across the world. She has a large team of black mentees with whom she’s very close and religiously supports and celebrates them.

In 2020, Naomi Campbell made history by becoming the first person to ever shoot her own pictures for a magazine cover. What’s even more amazing is that she didn’t even use a DSLR, but a regular iPhone. At this point, everyone was at home on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She did her own makeup, styled her clothes and did her hair, and shot her photos for Essence magazine. She said that it made her think of the media people who had to work from home.

Naomi Campbell was recently appointed as Kenya’s international ambassador for Magical Kenya, its tourism board. It spiked different reactions from people as she is not of Kenyan origin, and several Kenyans felt that a Kenyan should have been appointed for the position. The cabinet minister for tourism went ahead to explain that she was suitable for the jobs since besides the fact that she loves and supports Africa, she has access to a wide market of high-end people, so her marketing the country’s magnificent beauty would take the country’s tourism a notch higher. At the time she was appointed, she had been in Kenya and praised how beautiful the country was and how much the infrastructure had improved to global standards, which would attract many international tourists.

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