Mother Knows Best: How Trey Branham’s Mom Brought Family Values to the Law Firm of Dean Omar Branham Shirley

Trey Branham of Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a champion for helping the little guy defeat the big guy in court. Those little guys can thank his mother for raising him to do well by doing good.

By the time he was 10, Trey was growing up in a single-parent household where his mother worked tirelessly to protect her children and help them pave a path to success. She knew the value of getting involved in something that mattered and sticking with it.

When Branham’s mother was navigating working opportunities for women In the 1980s, they were few and far between. It was harder for single moms to be taken seriously, to be promoted, or paid well for their work. That isn’t lost on DOB+S, and has helped forge the character of the entire firm.

It shaped Trey Branham, too. Branham developed a significant appreciation for what his mother had to go through, and how hard single moms often work to make sure their children have what they need for success, even if it means the parent works more than one job or goes without. Dean Omar Branham Shirley shows its integrity by focusing on that little guy and making sure there’s help and support when needed.

Dean Omar, and its attorneys like Trey Branham and Jessica Dean deal with mesothelioma cases, and all too often these proceedings concern blue-collar workers who didn’t realize their employers were putting them at risk for profit. Since Dean Omar Branham Shirley accounts for approximately 8% of mesothelioma verdicts and settlements nationwide, their attorneys and staff are strong and resilient. Fighting corporations and defending men, women, and families who are negatively impacted by asbestos is what they do.

Like Trey Branham, attorney Jessica Dean had an upbringing that showcased the value of hardworking, loving mothers. While her father built planes at McDonnell-Douglas, her mother stayed home to raise Dean and her seven siblings. Jessica Dean got her work ethic from her father, but learned right and wrong from her mother and grandparents, who always stood up for the little guy, and were careful to watch out for the downtrodden, the underdogs, and those who needed the most help.

Attorney Jessica Dean of Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP, in Dallas
Jessica Dean, Attorney & Partner at Dean Omar Branham Shirley in Dallas

Because attorney Jessica Dean was fortunate to have her mother by her side, just as Trey Branham did, both attorneys understand how important care and support can be during difficult times. That’s why Dean Omar Branham Shirley focuses on the help it can provide to those who may otherwise be underserved. Often, people who are struggling with a mesothelioma diagnosis don’t know where to turn for help. They may get medical support, but legal assistance is a different area, and many are unfamiliar with how to get that assistance.

However, attorneys Jessica Dean, Trey Branham, and others at Dean Omar Branham Shirley can make it easier for people who need that kind of support. Since Dean Omar Branham Shirley is nationwide, attorney Jessica Dean, Trey Branham, and their staff can reach out and assist people all over the country who are diagnosed with mesothelioma and seeking legal guidance and representation.

If attorney Jessica Dean can’t help, there’s likely someone at Dean Omar Branham Shirley who is geographically close and can provide representation. Having a presence nationwide is part of what’s made Dean Omar Branham Shirley so valuable to its clients. The firm has carried the work ethic and values learned from the hardworking mothers of attorneys Trey Branham and Jessica Dean out into the world to provide the support people need when they’re facing some of the worst times of their lives, and don’t know where to turn.

When hardworking people are sickened by asbestos exposure, they can turn to Dean Omar for help and support. Profit-driven corporations will always try to get the upper hand, but there are many ways to reduce the impact these corporations have on the lives of others. Dean Omar cannot cure mesothelioma, but attorneys Jessica Dean and Trey Branham can work to ensure justice is served and compensation is awarded for the people who deserve it and for their families, who are also victimized by it.


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