Dwayne Johnson Prohibits On Set Real Gun Usage Following a Shooting Accident Involving Alec Baldwin

Following the death of Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer through unexpected shooting by Alec Baldwin last month when producing a film called Rust, Dwayne Johnson decided to switch to rubber guns. The new rule will be enforced with the studios his production venture, Seven Bucks Production engages with. Dwayne is among the shining Hollywood action stars. Johnson said that he is not obliged to talk on behalf of anyone, but he promised not to use guns in all his projects be it a movie or a TV show.

Dwayne Johnson confirmed that the shooting news broke his heart because the fired gun killed Hutchins and Joel Souza, Rust’s director. This regrettable happening made Dwayne Johnson reorganize his future film production protocol. Johnson claimed that he was ready to incur whatever cost to switch to rubber rifles for the safety of his cast. Prop gun is a general term describing an array of firearms like cap guns, nonfunctioning guns as well as fake ones made of rubber, wood, or plastic. Antique guns are also categorized here since they are made to carry dummy rounds or shoot blanks.

Scripted television shows do not use live ammunition but reality shows such as TopShot and Mythbusters use them during marksmanship competitions and for experimenting with scientific approaches respectively. In many film productions, prop firearms are loaded with blank rounds to emulate a live ammunition’s physical impression and sound. The casings have gunpowder but no projectile because they are replaced with paper or cotton cushioning. However, blanks can be detrimental when fired near another individual.

Dwayne Johnson appears serious to forbid prop weaponry discharging dangerous materials; he prefers fake props where muzzle flashes and sound are added after the production. Hollywood productions follow tough safety measures to ensure the cast does not suffer from weapons. The film safety body has composed some bulletins guiding movie and TV productions and distributed them to all relevant individuals. In 1993, a similar high-end gun shooting incident led to Brandon Lee’s demise when producing a film called The Crow.

The film business has witnessed 47 deaths out of 250 accidents since 1990. The eventualities include falls, car accidents, and heavy equipment-sustained equipment. Dwayne Johnson is passionate about this movie business and is proud to follow serious safety protocols. However, he said that accidents happen, but a death situation is more heartbreaking. Dwayne Johnson believes that pausing and re-assessing how to overcome a death situation is the wisest thing to do.

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