Busy Thanksgiving Holiday for Bidens on Nantucket

It was a busy Thanksgiving holiday for the family of President Joe Biden. The president and his family spent the day visiting troops and feasting on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Visiting the Troops: The day started with a stop at the US Coast Guard Station Brant Point in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The president visited the station with first lady Jill Biden, taking time to meet and greet the service members. The purpose of the visit was to thank the troops for their service on the holiday of gratitude.

The Bidens spent approximately one hour inside the station before moving outside to speak with about 20 service members. The president gave them challenge coins and posed for group photos.

Global Virtual Call: In addition to meeting with the troops in person, the Bidens also participated in a virtual call with many service members stationed all over the world. All six branches of the military were represented in the virtual meeting, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, and the Coast Guard. Biden remarked how proud he was of all of the Americans that were deployed and serving their country in various capacities.

Thanksgiving with Family: After visiting with the troops, the Bidens gathered with their children and grandchildren at the waterfront home belonging to philanthropist David Rubenstein. The Bidens have traditionally spent Thanksgiving on the island of Nantucket. Over the years celebrating this tradition, the Bidens have participated in local Turkey Trots, the Cold Turkey Plunge, and other festive events.

This year’s Thanksgiving feast menu included thyme-roasted turkey with gravy, roasted fall vegetables, cranberry relish, sweet potatoes, and Grandmom Jacobs’ famous savory stuffing. Dessert offerings included coconut cream pie, traditional pumpkin pie, apple pie, and chocolate chip ice cream.

Other Events of the Weekend: Earlier in the day, the president made a special call to Al Roker, hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on NBC. The Bidens also released a pre-recorded Thanksgiving message, expressing their thanks to the American people for their perseverance through the challenges of the last 18 months.

On Friday, the Bidens are participating in the town tree lighting ceremony on Main Street.

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