Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Thinks There Might be No Need for Teenagers and Children to Get Covid-19 Recall Jabs

America recently introduced the Covid-19 recall jabs for all adults who previously got vaccinated against the virus. Now, some parents wonder if their teens will also get the recall doses.

CDC Rolls Out the Covid-19 Recall Vaccines for All Grown-ups

CDC recommended that all American adults who received both doses of any vaccines in the past two months go for recall shots as soon as possible. That is after experts discovered that the immunity in adults decreases within six months after the first jabs. In May this year, America’s FDA approved the vaccination of all teenagers between twelve and fifteen years of age.

Before the adolescents received the jab, the CDC recommended its use in that age group. Shortly after, healthcare facilities rolled out the program. According to Dr. Flor Munoz, one of the renowned pediatric specialists in the USA, research is ongoing to determine whether children need the recall shots. Researchers are studying if the children will get the other jabs after receiving the two Covid-19 vaccinations.

He noted that the pediatrics doing the research hope to provide the awaited data in 2022. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, all adolescents may require the recall jabs at one point, but no one is certain because they might have a stronger immune system than most adults.

Dr. Fauci on Whether Adolescents Will Get the Covid-19 Recall Vaccines

The Covid-19 vaccines provide the body with immunity against coronavirus. And although they might not be practical after some time, recall shots of the vaccine give the body the needed immunity. Dr. Fauci recommends that all adults over eighteen years get the boosters if they previously got complete Covid-19 vaccinations to help increase the reduced immunity.

He noted that the immunity in adolescents might take more time before decreasing, and hence they might not need the booster jabs as soon as the adults. He added that since teenagers have a robust immune system, the first doses might help them for more than six months. And even though several published studies concerning immunity reduction in vaccinated grown-ups, very little has been availed about vaccinated teenagers. That data might play a significant role in deciding whether the age group needs the recall doses.

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