Pfizer Sues Employee for Stealing Covid 19 Vaccine Documents

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, based in New York, has filed a lawsuit against an employee for stealing documents related to Covid 19 vaccine. The company alleges that she had been planning on using the documents as part of her job with another pharmaceutical drug company. Pfizer is seeking damages from the alleged theft as well as attorney’s fees and court costs.

Covid 19 Vaccine

Pfizer’s vaccine, Covid 19, is a flu-fighting medicine that can be administered throughout the year. The drug works differently from other commonly used vaccines in its ability to put off the need for a booster shot until two years after it has been initially administered. In addition, Covid 19 contains only hemagglutinin proteins that are found in Type A and B influenza viruses, while other vaccinations contain all of these proteins. This gives patients more protection against potentially deadly influenza viruses.

The plaintiff, in this case, was working as a specialist in infectious diseases when she stole documents related to Covid 19 from Pfizer. These documents were intended for specific employees working on project management and regulatory compliance within the company. They were supposed to help these employees with their work on the new vaccine, but they were never properly disseminated and used by Pfizer’s management team as intended. Instead, the plaintiff was terminated from her job at Pfizer after she tried leaving for a position at another biopharmaceutical company that had offered her a higher salary. She had been working with this other company up until then.

Defendant’s Alleged Theft

Instead of turning over the stolen documents when she left Pfizer for this other firm, however, she allegedly kept them in her possession instead. Her former employer is now suing her using civil theft charges because it alleges that these documents are worth several thousand dollars. It is also seeking both lost income and future revenue from the new position that she accepted elsewhere. The plaintiff refutes a number of these claims, but her current employer is also accused of violating trade secret laws by soliciting her services while knowing that she had possession of Pfizer’s documents.

Trade Secret Protection

Trade secrets are very sensitive pieces of information that can give their holders an unfair advantage over competitors in the marketplace. This is why such protection exists through state and federal legislation as well as corporate policies within companies themselves. To maintain this form of legal protection, owners must ensure that they keep their trade secrets locked away in secure locations and not share them with anyone else who does not have the need for them for legitimate purposes.

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