Texan Politicians Logical & Illogical Roller Coaster In Government

The great state of Texas is back in headlines again. The Lone Star State has also been on a government roller coaster over the past year while flip flopping on a number of issues. Republican Senator Ted Cruz can’t seem to find his place on the right side of history. Cruz’s outlandish statements have landed him in hot water in a number of off-the-wall instances. The unlikeable politician has questioned Australia’s Northern Territory for its policies to mitigate the spread of COVID despite the fact that the state of Texas has been a hot bed for COVID deaths over the past year. Cruz mocked the head of Australian government by saying “We don’t need your lectures mate.” It’s rather strange to fully understand the illegitimate behavior that’s taking place in Texas since the entire state was wide open for business as COVID levels spiked in 2020. To make things even worse, the state’s lieutenant governor went as far to blame the Black community despite the fact that Blacks had the lowest infection rates in the state of Texas. More information is found at https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/20/politics/texas-dan-patrick-coronavirus-black-people-vaccines-fact-check/index.html

The Texas senator has also decided to sign a bill that would send migrates to Martha’s Vineyard. Of course, this bill won’t get any traction, but this is what you get from a politician who purposefully left his post to vacation in Mexico during one of Texas’ most intense winter storms that left millions without power.

The beat doesn’t stop there as another Texas politician has signed a bill that bans transgender girls from competing in sports. Governor Greg Abbott has a strong case that many people fully supports across the nation. Protecting fairness in sports is the main goal since males tend to be much stronger than females. Equal rights advocates have pushed back while calling this bill a hate-based measure. At least seven other states have passed similar laws over the past year, and it appears to be gaining traction throughout the US. On the other hand, a transgender woman was able to compete in the 2021 Olympics without any backlash. In addition to that, two female sprinters from Namibia were banned from their Olympic events for having naturally high levels of testosterone.

Check out https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/texas-governor-signs-bill-banning-transgender-girls-from-female-sports-in-schools/ar-AAPWWDf?ocid=msedgntp

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