Jeff Bezos Gives The Smithsonian The Largest Donation In Its History

Jeff Bezos stepped down as the CEO of Amazon in July 2021. Bezos changed the retail industry when he founded the Internet giant in 1994. Back then, shopping on the Internet was not the first decision consumers made when they needed a new book. But once consumers realized how easy Bezos made Internet book shopping, Amazon became a successful bookseller.

 Jeff Turn Amazon Into A Giant Retail Store

Selling books on the Internet was Jeff’s first step in establishing Amazon as the new retail experience. Amazon turned the Princeton graduate into one of the richest people on the planet. Bezos expanded his product lines through the years. People can buy almost anything on Amazon. According to several news reports, Jeff’s net worth topped $194 billion in June 2021.

The press likes to follow Jeff’s every move. His divorce stayed in the news feeds for weeks. When he introduced his new lady to the press, the Bezos name shared the headlines with the Trump name almost every day.

Mr. Bezos plans to do what Richard Branson just did in a space rocket. Branson took three people to space, and the world went crazy. Blue Origin is Jeff’s space travel company, and Jeff plans to pay more attention to Blue Origin now that he’s out of the day-to-day challenges he faced as Amazon’s CEO. Plus, Jeff wants to show Elon Musk he has the money, tech, and the right people to do battle with him in the space travel industry. Elon Musk is another press target, so when Bezos and Musk go at each other on Twitter, they get global press attention.

 Bezos Gives The Smithsonian $200 Million

The Smithsonian Institution got its start in 1826 when James Smithson gave the government $508,000. Smithson told the government to use the money to increase as well as diffuse knowledge. Smithson’s 1826 gift has a value of $14 million today. Jeff Bezos just gave the Smithsonian $200 million. And that is by far the largest gift the Institute ever received. Mr. Bezos won the 2016 Smithsonian magazine’s American Ingenuity Award for developing the Blue Origin New Shepherd innovative space flight program. Mr. Bezos wants to lower the cost of space travel. And he wants to expand the use of launching vehicles that last for more than one flight. On July 20, 2021, Jeff plans to launch the 16th New Shepherd space flight, and he is one of the crew.

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