Hari Subramanian Talks About What Made Him Successful

Hari’s Successful Career

Hari Subramanian is best known for being the CEO and founder of Applify, which is a mobile business app. It is designed to help with things such as business design, concept, strategy and maintenance. He isn’t afraid to take risks. As a result of this, he has been a successful serial entrepreneur.

The first business that Hair started was ServiceMax. The business was eventually acquired by General Electric in 2017. The deal generated $915 million. Hari had made enough money to comfortably retire, but he wanted to keep going.

Hari had a dream to build a hospital in India that focused on treating children who suffered from heart disease. His father was the one who made Hari realize that he had this dream.

In 2019, Hari decided to start Applify. The app has been very successful. There are several industries that have used the Applify app, including healthcare and construction.

The Covid 19 pandemic increased the demand for Applify. There were more businesses that were forced to go online due to shutdowns. The demand for Applify increased by 10 times in just six months. Healthcare industries found this app especially helpful because it could help keep track of Covid 19 cases.

Hari’s Motto for Success

The way that Hari looks at life is one of the things that has lead to his success. His advice for people is to push yourself pass your comfort zone. You should not be afraid to challenge yourself in new ways.

Hari said that you may not always feel like doing things for your business, but you have to do them. Many people are discouraged when they have a challenge. However, Hari isn’t afraid to face them head on. He knows that it is impossible to be a good entrepreneur without taking risks.

Additionally, Hari stated that it is important for people to look at the future. He wants people to look at the big picture. He said that if a company has the ability to evolve, then this will open up more business opportunities in the future.

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