Delta Variant Soars In New York City As Republicans Speak In Favor Of The Vaccines

As the world continues to get in terms with the novel coronavirus, the various variants of the virus are confusing with some of them now spreading faster. The Delta variant for instance, which is said to have originated in India is mutating fast, moving across many nations and affecting mainly individuals that haven’t received even their first dose of any WHO or FDA-approved coronavirus vaccines. In New York City alone, the variant is spreading fast among those that are yet to receive their first jab. As such, the gap between those vaccinated and those that haven’t is widening fast. However, on a fair note, the number of people hospitalized for any variant in NYC hospitals and a majority of other facilities across the country for that matter remains low. Besides, reported dead cases remain low as well.

As this happens, a section of elected Republican leaders has now come out to speak in favor of Covid-19 vaccines saying they are working. The leaders argue that were it not for the vaccines, New York would not record a dead toll of 11,000 lower cases as of now. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell who is the house minority leader said on Tuesday that everyone should accept the vaccine. His utterances come at a time the Delta variant is seemingly sweeping through many areas represented by Conservatives. As the cases keep surging in New York City and other major cities in the country, Olivia Rodrigo has taken a bold move to visit the President at the White House in a bid to request him to initiate plans of reaching as many young people as possible for vaccination. According to Rodrigo, the young and those that have not been vaccinated are at the risk of spreading the virus fast.

Elsewhere, the Mayor of London said wearing of proper facemasks will continue to be mandatory among all ages when people are in public. The mayor said anyone caught violating the regulation will be apprehended and taken into forceful isolation. In Indonesia, the Delta variant is spreading fast to the point that authorities say facilities are overwhelmed by the number of those hospitalized for cororavirus-related complications. Meanwhile, vaccination efforts in Cuba, Haiti, and the Republic of South Africa have been delayed following ongoing protests in those countries. In the Netherlands, health authorities report that cases have been in the increase in recent days following what they call ‘early reopening’ of eateries, bars, as well as restaurants.

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