The Latest From Britney Spears Conservatorship Battle

On Wednesday, R&B singer Britney Spears got a sigh of relief when a judge presiding over her conservatorship case in Los Angeles granted her a temporal relief on her request to have her own lawyer. In her quest, Ms. Spears said, going forward, she wouldn’t be comfortable to be represented by the attorney that has been handling the case. Instead, the singer requested the LA County judge to allow her appoint a new attorney who will represent her forthwith. Although the judge granted the singer her wish, Ms. Spears will retain Mathew Rosengart, the former federal prosecutor, who coincidentally was present during the Wednesday hearing.

The seemingly sound decision by Judge Brenda Penny comes after Ms. Spears told the court last month that she was not comfortable with the conservator. According to Britney Spears testimony before the court in June, the conservator forced the singer to do things even as the singer decried. Ms Spears said, “For several months, I have been forced to take lithium, perform, at time for many hours, and to be on birth control method against my will.” The singer went ahead to request for a thorough investigation over her father’s role in the conservatorship case saying Mr. Jamie has had a powerful yet unsolicited influence in the life of the singer. “Today, I also want to press and initiate charges against my dad. I would like Jamie to be investigated,” Ms. Spear testified via the phone even as she could sometimes break into tears.

In what the prosecution calls a heartbreaking testimony, the singer says she has extremely serious abandonment issues with his father and now that he is part of the conservatorship, case is adding salt to the injury. At some point as the singer was speaking, she alleged that she feels those who are behind her predicament don’t want her alive. “I want to believe that if those behind this are not satisfied by what I’m going through, then I would want to think they want me dead,” the singer said while giving away to tears.

Spears’ new lawyer asked Jamie to step down voluntarily saying that is the wish of the singer, his client. Speaking outside the courtroom, Rosengart, a highly experienced litigator for many entertainment-related cases said he will be moving with speed to ensure the conservatee’s father is detached from the case. “We don’t understand why Jamie is involved in this case in the first place,” Rosengart said.

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