Conor McGregor Reveals Prefight Injuries

The controversial end to the UFC match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Portier took another twist on Thursday. McGregor suffered a serious leg break just above the ankle at the end of the first round of his MMA fight with Portier. The end to the fight came as McGregor stepped back and appeared to roll his ankle after throwing a punch. McGregor posted a video Thursday morning explaining his view of the injury, which included claims he was already injured when the fight began.

ESPN reports several UFC fans have uploaded videos detailing views of Portier pointing to the leg of Conor McGregor after checking a kick. The fans believe this is evidence of the check causing the initial break of McGregor’s leg. McGregor is refuting these claims in a video posted to several social media platforms.

In the video regarding the status of his injured leg, McGregor is seen riding an electric scooter as he recovers from his injuries. McGregor begins the video by claiming the officials running UFC were already aware of several stress fractures around his lower ankle. The fight with Portier was in doubt after UFC medical staff and President Dana White were told of the medical issues with McGregor’s lower leg.

The problem with his lower legs is not a new one and had caused him problems for several years. The fighter, known as “The Notorious”, explained his unique fighting style had been created to allow him to train without damaging his ankles. The Irish MMA fighter revealed he had a history of rolling his ankles, without feeling this would cause him long-term problems. McGregor explained he refused to change his style or stop training when in pain.

Discussing the UFA fight with Portier, McGregor revealed he was unsure whether the fight would go ahead. However, he did reveal senior figures within the UFC organization were aware of the stress fractures to his lower leg. Neither Dana White nor senior medical figures at UFC have commented on McGregor’s claims. The Nevada Boxing Board of Control licensed the Las Vegas fight and will be under pressure to reveal any medical concerns they had before the match.

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