Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Hope in USA’s Corona Vaccine

With the world facing tough times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the USA urgently needs solutions to overcome it. Health experts will need to brainstorm and give the citizens a way to prevent extensive infection of the virus as they try to invent a cure and vaccines against the Corona Virus.

Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci who is the Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has constantly contributed to the fight against the disease. He leads the current Trump administration in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic as a member of the White House Corona Virus Task Force. America trusts him and is proud to have him as one of the best physicians in current history.

Dr. Fauci gave his views on the effects the pandemic has caused the country. Speaking to the CNN lead health correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, he commented on the large number of deaths that have been recorded in the country. The country will certainly have to do more to significantly reduce fatalities. Strategies will need our collective efforts as a nation. He compares the fight to be similar to people who row a boat. Propelling it will need everyone’s contribution. Lack of unity derails the success in combatting the virus.

Finding a vaccine by early 2021 is feasible. Dr. Anthony Fauci assured lawmakers recently that for it to be used, safety, effectiveness, and availability needs to be prioritized to the citizens. If approved, there will be a procedure to be followed on who will receive the vaccine first. But ultimately, everyone will access the injection.

With a short timeline offered by the White House, a team called Operation Warp Speed will make more than 300 million doses of the vaccine. Fauci said that a lot of people have shown interest in taking part in the development of medicines against the virus. Trials and studies that were carried out attracted more than 250,000 people.

The Corona Virus tests are seen as worthless when results come after two days. Contact tracing can be impossible since the patient will have interacted with many people. Data shows that 75% of results come back after 5 days.

With all things said, it is still important for continued testing to go on. Analysts will also have to be punctual with results to avoid backlogs. Authorities should provide a constant supply of kits to test citizens continually.

Dr. Fauci insists that we should still keep the rules of social distancing, mask-wearing, avoiding gatherings, and crowded places like bars. These rules have attracted backlash from politicians who call for Fauci’s firing. His wisdom allows him to avoid confrontations with them and the white house.

With an interview with AP as reported by Times, Fauci expressed his disappointment because the US failed to follow the examples of nations in Europe and Asia who initially had high infection rates but worked extremely hard to reduce them significantly. USA’s young population has disregarded the measures put in place and as a result, there has been an increase of people in the emergency rooms. Death numbers have also risen.

Fauci says the American South and Midwest are lately having a surge in new cases. The South may be peaking but the Midwest is rising. Preventive efforts will need to be maintained.

A drawback in the fight is how people in the country do not believe in science anymore. Still talking to Sanjay Gupta of CNN, Dr. Fauci says people view scientists as authoritative which is not the case. Their transparency is vital. Policies made should be evidence-based and involve the community.

His contributions have made him a household name in the USA and some people have been opposed to his sentiments. Threats against his family have been made which has resulted in him having extra security. He never imagined that some people would have been against his efforts.

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