As a Former Vice Presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin Reaches Out and Connects With Kamala Harris

A current article on the CNN website tells of how former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin offered congratulations and advice to U.S. Senator Kamala Harris shortly after the senator from California was selected to run alongside Joe Biden as the 2020 Democratic vice presidential candidate.

As the second woman to be chosen as a U.S. vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket, Ms. Palin certainly can dispense some useful advice to Kamala Harris. In 2008, Palin ran beside John McCain as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

When she was picked by John McCain to be his running mate, Sarah Palin had been on the job as governor of Alaska for less than two years. Within a short amount of time, however, she became well-known on a national level. Palin presented a memorable speech at the Republican National Convention that year, but ultimately, the team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden won the election.

Prior to Palin’s run for the vice-presidency in 2008, Geraldine Ferraro, a Democratic representative from New York was the first woman vice-presidential candidate to run on a major party slate. In 1984, Ferraro ran alongside former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale on the Democratic ticket, but they were defeated by the team of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

In her congratulatory post on Instagram, Palin mentioned Ms. Ferraro, and suggested that Harris consider the lessons that she and Geraldine Ferraro learned from their runs for higher office. She also suggested that Harris keep smiling and stay connected with the people that make up the United States.

Along with personal stories about her run for vice president, Sarah Palin had some advice to share with Kamala Harris. Her advice was basically to maintain her own team, not become silenced and remember the women that preceded her. Additionally, Palin warned Harris against people who may try to influence her, and from trusting anyone new.

Palin’s advice to maintain her own team of people followed an announcement the same day that identified members of Biden’s vice presidential staff.

The Instagram post from Sarah Palin to Harris brought up the campaign-related terms “OTR” and campaign “ropeline.” The OTR refers to campaign stops that appear to be un-orchestrated, but in actuality are planned. These events are designed to present candidates as “normal” people who do everyday things.

The ropeline is the barrier that separates political candidates from the public at campaign events, and is an important component in campaigning. For Sarah Palin, talking with American citizens on the ropeline gave her lots of hope in the country as a whole.

All of the hugs, handshakes, shouts of approval and smiles that she encountered on the ropeline melted her heart and energized her soul, Palin explained to Harris. She also mentioned to Harris about how difficult it can be to eat while being filmed, and the time that she forgot to bring running shoes with her while campaigning. Even when she was out trying on shoes, the media followed her closely.

In the future, Palin said, she would have more posts to send to Harris, and she urged the vice presidential candidate to have fun. In closing, Sarah Palin expressed that America is indeed the world’s best country, and she hopes that Kamala Harris will have the same opportunities she has had, to meet people from all walks of life.


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