Tyler Perry’s Dream Becomes a Reality

Tyler Perry’s dream becomes a reality.

In the Entertainment industry tides are shifting slowly. Tyler Perry launched his studios on a 330-acre piece of land and has been producing a lot of content than he ever did before. The big question is he more concerned about quantity over quality? A discussion he completely rejects.

Apparently, in his head, he hears voices, these voices that have created countless characters and caricatures that have had roles in his movies, different television series, and even plays that he has scripted. These same voices unleashed Madea a major character in almost all his movies who happened to be the golden goose who helped him in building his career. But he retired the character in early 2019.

With his new studios, he has signed up with Viacom on a big content deal. He has written and directed six shows which are all new and will be hosted in the new big studios. Perry said that it’s not just about great artistry for him it is about business. In this line of business, the major aspect is to be able to give the audience and super-serve everything you can as they want it.

Perry is a very successful Hollywood mogul but he feels ignored. If a white man did what he has been able to achieve and had his success the reaction would be different. No one has been able to do what he has done be they black or white.

He started by creating plays for the black crowd, he moved from plays on stage to TV screens and collecting over $1 billion sales in tickets so far. His fame and fortune have brought him criticism. But his response remains the same, he is black, his version of his stories, his experiences, and culture are not relevant to his critics because most of them are unable to understand it and so they just don’t like it.

He is on record for having employed many black actors, especially women who have had no luck in securing jobs in Hollywood. He collected an award in the BET honors.

The Hollywood talk about Oscars is that they are so white; he told the audience that he would be in Atlanta, building his own. He was sure if he could build that table God will prepare it in front of his enemies. The crowd cheered him on.

Perry lived in New Orleans with his abusive father, who cared less leading him to be sexually molested a couple of times by different adults. His coping mechanism was that he would let his mind wander into an imaginary world of the rich where it brought him so much happiness regardless of what he was going through.

He recently realized that he goes back to the same place while writing scripts for his shows. He says that he pushes the voices out of his head onto the next show to quiet them.

It took him six months to write all the new six shows for his studios. He also did a Madea the character farewell tour in the early months of 2019. They encountered cheers from crowds that came out for the tour. He was on autopilot as he was acting as Madea on tour at the same time writing scripts for the new shows.

The studios are on an army base that was decommissioned; Perry bought the land in 2015. $250 million was used to renovate and restore the sites, put up soundstages, and built offices for the production and set crew. He has also leased out space for productions like the Black Panther movie among others.

He turned 50 recently, and once the show business is behind him, he is reassessing on what to do next. Tyler will always be Tyler and the rest of us need to borrow a leaf from his journey and find our thing and just do it.


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